About Our Eldercare Services

Owned and managed by a nurse & nurse practitioner, At Home Nursing, a family run business, began in 1998 providing eldercare services to residents of Sonoma County in the comfort of their own homes. At Home Nursing provides hundreds of qualified caregivers who have been thoroughly background checked and completed our vigorous screening and application process. Our employees have been reference checked, tested, interviewed, and completed a comprehensive orientation. During our orientation, their skills are evaluated by a RN & Home Care Coordinators, who utilize our Training Center.

We handle the payroll process, ensuring that all deductions are taken legally and cover all of our employees with Professional Liability, Theft Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. We pay our employees weekly and provide clients and their families with the ease of knowing that their home care aides are supervised, mentored and continually oriented.

As a local Sonoma County Agency servicing residents for over 17 years, we are able to react quickly to the needs of our county residents. In response to our client requests and needs, we have been able to start programs, expand programs and be not only responsive and creative as we listen to what our customers want and need.

Because we have both an eldercare service program that is non medical and provides personal care services and companionship, and a Licensed Home Health Agency that can meet skilled needs, we are unique in Sonoma County. We are able to provide a much wider variety of services than other companies can and we are large enough to meet new clients’ needs quickly.

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