At Home Nursing Services Pediatric Program

At Home Nursing Services is committed to providing a wide range of Pediatric Services to clients from newborn to 18 years of age as well as developmentally delayed young adults & adults. In addition to the services our agency provides, we are committed to providing nurses with an opportunity to practice their expertise in a home environment that allows one on one time with their client & obtain job satisfaction.

Our services are normally covered by private insurance carriers, Medi-Cal, by Regional Centers, or by private pa y. All services are provided under the direction of a Physician with input from the child’s family. A Care Plan is developed for each child under our care & is continually updated to reflect the needs of the child. Regular nursing supervisory visits are provided to ensure that our nursing staff is providing the care ordered & that the family is pleased with our services. A nursing evaluation is done prior to acceptance of the child in order to determine if we can safely meet the needs of the child & ensure that our Agency can staff the case.

Services provided by our Agency are:

  • Shift Nursing – these hours are provided by either a RN or LVN
  • Skilled Nursing Visits – these can be for teaching the family skills or to provide the skilled care
  • School Nursing – our agency contracts with the State Department of Education as well as Sonoma County Office of Education & are a vendor for school nursing. Local schools then contract with us for the year to provide a nurse for a student or students in the school in order that their clinical / health needs are met.

At Home Nursing Services is owned & managed by a RN or is also a certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. In addition to her extensive background & experience in pediatrics, the Agency has 3 fulltime RN Pediatric Nursing Supervisors. One of these manages our School Nursing Program as well as assist with management & supervision of some of our home care cases. The other 2 full time nurses manage & supervise the majority of our home care cases.

Call our Agency now at 707-546-8773 to inquire about our Pediatric program or to schedule a free nursing assessment.